Davina McCall Jacket on Comic Relief

Davina McCall Jacket on Comic Relief

Where was Davina McCall’s jacket from on Comic Relief on March 13?

Davina McCall was spotted wearing a sharp ‘Comic Relief’ red tuxedo jacket on Friday night’s Comic Relief show, where they managed to top the 1 Billion pound mark over the 30 years since the very first event. Well done them!

Sharp and versatile tuxedo jacket by The Fold, London is perfect for a sleek look or combined with a pair of fitted jeans and stand-out heels to slip into cocktail hour.

Available in navy, black, cobalt blue and primary red, made The Fold’s signature non-crease poly-twill.

Features: Fitted sleek silhouette, Hook & Eye closure, Long sleeves, Lightweight non-crease poly-twill, Luxury acetate-mix stretch lining

PRICE IS £245.00