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Emily Atack in InTheStyle by Dani Dyer

We don’t doubt you’ve seen this jumper before… and if you have you probably know where it’s from, but we’ll tell you anyway.

Back in October, Dani Dyer did a collaboration with InTheStyle (as you do when you are fresh out of Love Island and all of a sudden have 3 million Instagram followers).

This jumper was one of the fave pieces in her collection, and as we can see, Emily Atack loves it too.

Spotted: Emily Atack in the Dani Dyer InTheStyle Colour Block Jumper in a lush pastel pink. It also comes in grey. When it was first released it sold out in a matter of a few minutes, but it’s back in stock and for only £24.99!

We love it and theres so many other great pieces. Go check them all out.