Great British Bake Off Oven

Great British Bake-Off – Neff Oven

If you know your scones or are just a chocolate cake fan, then like us, you probably love watching The Great British Bake Off.

Spotted in the current series (series 3) of The Great British Bake Off (Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC 2) was the Neff B46C74 Series 5 AquaAssist built-in single oven,

The oven retails for around £1,200, and is made by Neff.

Features include: A clever SlideAway door that drops down and then slots away underneath the oven leaving a baker’s hands free to check their buns. Then there’s the telescopic rails that make them easy to retrieve! There is also the “CircoTherm” technology that does away with the need for preheating and obviously, the “Bread” mode that allows you to cook on three levels of the oven at once.

Click here for a product description from the Neff website.

Click here for a price comparison of UK retailers.


Pics thanks to BBC