Pixie Lott Uses PiP Studio Tea Set on Strictly Come Dancing

Pixie Lott Uses Pip Studio Teaset on Strictly Come Dancing

Where was the floral tea set from that pixie Lott was spotted using on Strictly Come Dancing tonight?

The tea set on Strictly Come dancing is a PiP Studio teapot, cups and cake stand.

Serve tea in style with a vintage-inspired teapot set designed by the PiP Studio.

With bold layered patterns and a chic floral design, it makes a functional and decorative piece to add to your tea set.

Prices for PiP Studio tableware range from £3.50 to £105 at John Lewis.

This exact PiP Studio Teapot (1.6L) is priced at £43.95

Go and buy this cute tea set, then put the kettle on and put your feet up!