Reiss S/S 14 Collection

Yesterday I took a trip to the Reiss S/S 14 press day, and what a treat. The collection was based on Riviera lifestyle in the late 50s, early 60s and the three words used most often to describe the pieces were ‘travel, leisure and venture’.

This collection incorporates a resort comfort with chic sensuality. Reiss started the collection with shadow palettes and muted colours which were inspired by Jean Charlot, who used muted colours in early modernist pops.

The pastel colours used throughout these pieces, powdered blues, greens, pale silvers and white tones all make the collection very sophisticated while achieving their leisure look overall. They’ve also used some pops of colour here and there which really stood out amongst the muted tones.

In the last room I was shown around had Reiss’s evening wear collection, made up of mainly dark colours which was a complete contrast from everything else I had seen. However just as stunning.

I have to say I wish the collection was on the shelves now ready to buy, with some must have pieces for your S/S 14 wardrobe.