Rochelle Humes Maternity Dress, Sweat The Small Stuff, BBC 3

Sweat The Small Stuff is another celebrity panel show shown on BBC3, hosted by BBC Radio One Breakfast Show star Nick Grimshaw. It’s an edgy (for the BBC), brand new comedy show “that makes a big deal about the little things in life”.

Grimmy, along with team captains Rickie and Melvin from Kiss FM and The Saturday’s Rochelle Humes (we weren’t actually sure whether she and spotted.TV fave Holly Willoughby were part of the fabric of the show, or whether it will be adios after episode 1 !?) chat about sweating the small stuff with Their special guests.

We at spotted.TV were mildly amused whilst watching the show and will probably give it another go…although we couldn’t help compare it to Celebrity Juice, perhaps unfairly.

Anyway, you will have noticed Rochelle Humes wearing a cute little blue and green print maternity dress.

The Rochelle Humes dress is an ASOS Maternity Shift Dress in Animal Print, featuring pregnancy-friendly features such as soft ruching, adjustable fastenings and flexible waistbands.

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