Fay Ripley In This Dress on Cold Feet

Anyone else loving the new series of ITV’s Cold Feet? What an emotional rollercoaster! Tears of laughter followed by sadness for the characters – won’t go into detail as don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen the recent episodes.

We’re also big fans of the characters’ wardrobes on the show, especially Fay Ripley, who we’ve had a load of messages about.

After last week’s show we were inundated with Qs about where to find Fay Ripley’s character, Jenny’s festival dress.

We had a good look for this and found out that it’s by an Australian designer called Camilla

They specialise in some standout quilted patterns and apply them to their clothes and accessories. Definitely worth a look, but this one comes with a price warning (don’t say we didn’t tell you so).

We do  love them though so if you’re in the market  for a perfect frock for the Summer Festival season then treat yourself…

Click here to visit the Camilla online store: Buy Fay Ripley’s Dress From Cold Feet Here