Where was the Claudia Winkleman Dress from on Strictly Come Dancing?

Claudia Winkleman was a vision of Pink on last night’s Strictly Come Dancing Results show on November 24.

Where was Claudia’s dress from? Easy. Topshop!

The pink Claudia Winkleman dress was a Long Sleeve Crepe Shift dress, surprisingly, a pink dress with long sleeves made of a pink crepe material, featuring back zip fastening

Claudia looked gorge in this dress; she has a style which she carries so well…which is which we are inundated with requests to spot her clothes.

This dress was originally priced at £46.00. Unfortunately, the exact dress is no longer available.

BUT Topshop still have a short sleeve version of the same dress available and priced at £45.00 – BUY NOW THE PINK CREPE TEE SHIFT DRESS

If you’re desperate for a longer sleeved version of the Claudia Winkleman dress, then we’ve found THIS SHOULDER PAD SHIFT DRESS AT WAREHOUSE – CLICK HERE TO BUY